Conserve And Restore

Providing professional and cost-effective ground-based tree and woodland management

Tree work


From an individual tree in a garden to a forest plantation, Conserve And Restore can fell and process trees to customer specification.

We always check local tree preservation registers to see whether any orders are in place and, on larger jobs, can also apply for felling-licences on behalf of customers.

tree felling

Limb-removal, crown-lifting etc

Conserve And Restore can remove unwanted limbs and branches from trees as well as lifting crowns to allow for easier access for mowing etc under trees.

using long reach saw

Coppicing and pollarding

From ash to oak and from chestnut to hazel, Conserve And Restore can coppice (cut to ground level) or pollard (cut to above head-level) to allow for regeneration on an appropriate time regime.